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Legalize un-permitted building and additions

There are typically three departments that review a building plan for local compliance.

Planning - Environmental Health - Building

Planning - Everything starts here. They check to see there the building or additions and use are compatible with local zoning regulations. If you are trying to legalize a structure that does not fit into the zoning it will be difficult. If your structure fits within the zoning, use, setbacks, size and height likely your plan will move forward.

Environmental Health- Next stop. They check to see if the building or addition will have an impact on the well & septic system. If they determine the proposed (being legalized) work does not impact the septic or well your plan will move forward. If it is determined that the work will have an impact on well or septic a County approved Site Evaluator must be employed to evaluate the level of impact, and then make a plan to deal with it. When that is complete and approved by Environmental Health your plan will move forward.

Building -They check to see that the building or addition meets local building codes. The building or addition is considered new construction and must meet current codes, not the codes at the time of construction. Complex designs , irregular shapes and beam construction will likely necessitate the employment of a Structural Engineer to verify construction design adequacy for the intended use. Title 24 energy calculations are required to verify that the home meets current energy regulations

A set of plans are needed outlining existing and proposed( being legalized) improvements on the property. Identifying well, septic, electrical meter, buildings and driveway. Building plans showing the location, scale , size and details of the proposed work. Typical plan sets include site map, building elevations, foundation plan,framing plans, floor plan, electrical plan, construction details and Title 24 calculations.

Generally, projects that have been built without permits are subject to fines that end up being double the standard permit fee. Additional fines can be imposed for failure to correct any non-conforming work.




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