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.........Andy Harney's ................ Home Design - Building Service and the Mendocino Coast . If you live, or have ever visited here you know first hand the awesome beauty that abounds from the hills and forests to the beaches and ocean.

Mendocino Sunset
Beauty by Design
Homes are a reflection of our dreams and visions. Without much thought we demand a lot from our living spaces. We want room to move, natural light, comfort and convenience. Balanced with appeal efficiency and sustainability.

Details of beauty in a home rarely "just happen", they are the realization of thought transferred to plans, and then thought about some more. Only once they are fully visualized can they exist.

Details on Purpose
Dreams to Reality
If you are a property owner looking to build your dream home, or already have a home that you are thinking about renovating maybe adding on, let us help you visualize, design, draft the plans, get the permits, and manage the building that turns a house into a Home.



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